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Whether you know you have a problem or it’s been a while since you’ve checked your system(s), Idaho PC Solutions can take care of all of your computer’s hardware and software needs. From the “Blue Screen of Death,” to hardware failure, to complete system rebuilds, we have all the tools necessary to tackle any tech problems you encounter.

Boise Computer Maintenance and Repair

Desktop & Laptop Repair

This is one of our most popular services for both new and returning clients.

  • Laptop screen and keyboard replacement

  • Laptop DC jack replacement (example: no power or battery not charging)

  • Boot problems and Windows crash recovery

  • General hardware repair and part replacement

  • Installation an configuration of new or used desktops and laptops

  • Memory, hard drive and/or video card upgrades and installations

  • Install or repair wireless devices

  • and much, much more!

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Software, Virus & Malware

If your computer is running slow or you’re getting popups that are redirecting you to random website then you may have a computer virus.
Protect your valuable data and get rid of those nasty computer viruses!  If you think that your computer may be infected with malware, give us a call we’re experts in virus/malware support.

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Small Business & IT Consulting

With IT Consulting from Idaho PC Solutions, you have a partner who understands how your business works and can advise on your business’ current and future IT needs. We have years of experience in eliminating system vulnerabilities and implementing strategic IT solutions that improve communication, collaboration, and overall productivity in any working environment.
Because having the right technology to stay competitive is a necessity, your dedicated IT consultant will ensure that you are armed with the latest hardware and software applications. We offer sound technical guidance and depth of experience, no matter the industry you’re in. Talk to our experts today.

Boise Wireless Networking

Wired & Wireless Networking 

Want to share files between your computers at home?  Print to your printer from the comfort of your couch using you new home network.  Quit using your phones data plan and use your wireless router to connect all of your mobile devices.

Boise Data Recovery

  Data Setup & Recovery Services 

Disasters of all sorts can hit your home or business, but if your data is properly backed up you should survive without too much difficulty. The question is, how long will it take to get your data back online so you can work after the storm, flood, fire, or break-in has been cleaned up?
The answer is “within hours” if you’ve signed up for Idaho PC Solutions cutting-edge Disaster Recovery service. We tailor plans to each individual client’s operations so server function and data backups can be restored right away after a catastrophe — and quick recoveries are critical to your customers’ satisfaction and your business’s reputation.

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Server, Network, Remote Support and
I.T. Management

This is one of our most popular services for both new and returning clients, so appointments fill up fast. Feel free to reach out with any questions for our team, and make sure to book your slot today.


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