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Data Backup & Recovery

Local, Professional, Secure

  System crashed, hard drive not booting up, C drive failure, Server crash or data loss? 
  Data Backup & Recovery is one of the most crucial and over looked areas in the IT world.  Here at Idaho PC Solutions, we get you on the right path.  IPCS assists and can overlook the process in Data Backup and multiple options for Data Recovery.  

  Over the last 15 years we have recovered terabytes of data, pictures, files, videos, taxes, resumes, you name it we have recovered it. 
  Call us today 208-703-6107 we are here to help.  If we can't recover the data from whatever reason we do not charge for the efforts in trying to recover the data.  If we cannot recover the data we have other options to partners that may be able to recover the data.  We will do whatever we can to help in data recovery no matter how big or how small the project. 

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